About US

  • OUR Networks is created on a solid foundations where management and technical staff has more than 10+ years of experience within the industry. We are able to educate our clients with the best approach to a problem as well as make specific suggestions when we see an opportunity to do so. These suggestions has allow all of our customers succeed and fuel their businesses in some shape or form.

Many have seen us as industry shakers and movers where they closely watch us for the next industry trend. Our creations of technology is light years ahead of many hosting providers. This has allow our customers to take advantage of resources that are not yet available within the common market giving them a competitive advantage.

Our Company Mission

Profuse Solutions strives to meet the technology needs of our future IPTV-driven society on a global level while ensuring excellent customer experiences. The Profuse Solutions team provides superior service and dependable technical support as we develop client-tailored solutions to address identified issues. Our team will strive for faster responses, deployment, and automation that allows our customers to have control of their product.

Our Vision

Each provider has its weakness and strengths and as a Premium provider we have route optimized all our STREAMS on specific CDN network. This has allowed us to deliver media driven needs and rich content to end users at the fastest speeds possible.

Tier4 datacenter managed on cisco network switches and custom bulid CDN have 99.9% uptime on network and also on stream. Our datacenter in asia has access to major geostationary satellites to get free to air streams. we can also help to push your streams to any location via our cdn network.